12 just Things We Kept As High School Big BoyI don’t understand, but there is a pride that comes with being an high school student. It used to be a whole lot of big deal for us. Then, we had groups, the big boys and girls, the dirty ones, the classy and so on. We’d be talking about 15 things big boys and girls kept as high school students. 

If you’re a secondary school studen int here in the giant of Africa, then you should be able to relate to any of these.

1. Perfume

How can you be big without having perfume or body spray, how? You have to smell nice as a big person. 
They’re always with it 24/7.
All in the name of smelling nice, they spray it anytime.
They can as well use deodorant, roll on, perfume oil and bring up different scent to the class. They’re always smelling nice.
When you hug them, you feel a kind of peace because of the beautiful scent.

2. Mini Fan

This is another thing you would always find with big boys and girls, the mini fancy fans they use whenever they feel hot, sometimes they use it just to get noticed. They are always with it. It is mostly used among the big girls.

3. Comb

This is commonly seen among ladies with low cut and big boys, even beards wey no dey there, them go comb. They’re of the mentality that their hair must not be rough as it might affect their respect as a big boy and girl. The guys, most especially will put it at the back-pocket, like it’s a sign of wealth. They are always combing their hairs like the earth wants to fall.

4. Portable Power Bank

Powerbank used to be a sign of wealth, those days, powerbank was follow come, for you to have a powerbank, you must be using an expensive phone.

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5. Fashionable glasses

To have ordinary sun shade, you have to be big, then fashionable glasses that enhances the beauty and handsomeness of guys and ladies, you gats to be bigger!
You’ll then see them chooking mouth to snap pictures.

6. Bluetooth Speaker

If you attended a public school, you’d easily relate to this, once a teacher gets out of the class, you just suddenly hear sounds and wonder if a naming ceremony us going on in school, well who dares to talk or report, who you be? They’re the big boys in school, I think that was where cultism started from, no be me talk am oo. Relaxing and listening to music in the class is always interesting.
They’re some set of boys that bring it to the class. Whenever a teacher isn’t around, they will connect it and start playing different songs which will disturb the peace of the class.

7. Headphones

To show they’re unique in all, they bring different things to school everyday. I once saw a teddy headset, I had to ask if there is neck teddy, because I’ve never seen such before, but recent college students show with their airpods, what was airpod while we were in Sangoode?

8. Android

To be an Android user, you’re big, all we had then was Asa brands, Nokia, Simbian phones, Android users are big, nah so them dey use Android steal each other’s girlfriend. Wetin concine me?

9. Mirror

How can you be a big girl without mirror in your bag, I remember even guys use mirror, they almost made me blind from playing with the sun reflection on the mirror. Mirror is a must have as an high school big boy and girls

10. Makeup kits

I didn’t know we had different powder colors, nah high school I sabi, brown powder, white powder, chocolate, I think say powder nah powder. How would I’ve known, I was a small girl in high school.

11. Fancy books

Someone will carry bag, yet carry beautiful book on their hands, so we can notice their beautiful new note arbi kinni, because don’t even understand sef, well, they’re big girls.

12. Fancy bags

This is the one that annoys me most, because you want to shine as a big girl, you’ll carry heavy books and slay with beautiful bag. It’s one of the ways to recognize bigs girls.

I’m sure you can relate to 80% of this, you were definitely a big boy or girl. Without all these, we might have lost the fun of high school. Look at you smiling, now share!

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